Mr and Mrs Mthembu had been married for 34 years and have been blessed with five children, the couple separated in 2000 due to unresolved issues. Mrs Mthembu then came to ECOAN believing God for a miracle in her marriage, when the woman of God made an alter call for those have been divorced and separated, she responded with a faithful heart .

The Women of God gave her a copy of the ECOAN MAGAGINE and a Power Handkerchief to be used as a medium to bring restoration, as the scripture says ” What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder.” NIV Mark 10:9

Today Mrs Mthembu brought her whole family to the church to give God the Glory as she and her husband have reconciled and are now living in peace.



Mr Khululekani Dlame aged 34 years, was brought to ECOAN by a family member due to difficulty in walking. Mr Dlame stated that nothing physical had happened to him, he just felt powerless and could no longer walk or move his shoulders. But after receiving prayer from The woman of God, Mr Khululekani was able to stand and walk, remember that your problem is nothing before God, He can change it, He can bring you a miracle if you only believe. PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!


Located through the word of prophecy. Malehlohonolo was instructed to go for a HIV test. The test came bac positive. We all know that God does not show you a problem without providing a solution. Whilst at the prayer line at Altelekker Easter Camp in 2014 Malehlohonolo came with this expectancy that since her problem had been discovered the problem had been solved. God had revealed her condition through prophecy that same God would provide a way out… The healing she so much wanted. She was once again instructed to go back and get re-tested. A re-test was just formality and means to obtaining medical proof that God had indeed healed her completely. After her re-test Malehlohonolo confirms that God is indeed a healer. We can only say that one is a prophet of God when what they have declared is fulfilled. Once diagnosed HIV Positive, that report is now a part of her history which God changed. She is living happily and HIV AIDS free.



When Mmakgotso metsing was mugged one Friday evening after the night prayer, she could not have anticipated the series of events which would unfold to change her life. Unemployment can take a harsh toll on anyone. This was the case with Metsing, who was struggling financially and unable to provide basic necessities for herself, owing to her inability to find a permanent job. Failure and disappointment was the order of the day. Unemployed for 2years and consistently failing her learners’ license exams 5years in a row, Metsing’s life seemed destined for gloom. All it would take and all it ultimately took to erase the bleak memories of her past was a prophetic prayer by Prophetess Cathy Ru. On this eventful life changing day Prophetess Cathy Ru would bring ahandbag and give it to her. She also prophesied that in the spirit realm she had seen her working. The evidence of God’s power is the fulfillment of His word. Mmakgotso received a life changing phone call the following day, that she should come to work and she is now a permanent employee.

As if that was not a mighty testimony on its own, God was just getting started with her. She was further instructed to enroll for her learners license in ECOAN Driving School after she received another prophecy that God would bless her with a brand new car by March. Her eye was set on obtaining a driver’s license but God’s eye was set on blessing her with a brand new car. She re-wrote her driver’s license and went on to get herself a car. Now this is what we call being blessed beyond a curse. Once again God showed up, showed off and has taken all the glory.


Early December, Godfrey couldn’t have anticipated the changes that were about to take place in his life. Waking up with a pimple would not have proven to be something that Godfrey should have been worried about as he was expecting it to disappear within the next few days. To his surprise this pimple didn’t disappear but instead only grew bigger and became painful. Only then did he realize that his problems were bigger than he had anticipated. After consultation with Medical Professionals, Godfrey could confirm then that he had a boil on his face. Through medical intervention the boil disappeared within two weeks leaving him with an irremovable scar on his face and an open wound which would not heal.

This caused a dent in his self confidence and without guidance he sought the help of traditional healers, to no avail. Thankfully Godfrey came to his senses and turned to Jesus; a right decision with guaranteed results. During his encounter with the Woman Of God Godfrey received anointing water which he administered as instructed and ultimately brought a permanent solution… complete healing.

Glory be to God.



It is maintaining the right position that brings about success in one’s life, this was the prophetic word that Lulu Mokgatle received from Prophetess Cathy Ru during a prophetic move service as God was preparing her for her miracle. Married to her husband who had been unemployed for more than four years Lulu confirmed the prophecy by the Woman Of God that she was not submissive to her husband and that she often made independent decisions . The Woman of God instructed her to live the word of God and not only confess it, and when she starts being submissive by giving her husband his rightful God given position, her husband would get a business breakthrough. True to the word of the prophetess, Lulu obeyed and did as she was instructed. Within two days her husband had received a lucrative contract and God had blessed them with a house which they bought at a discounted rate of R150 000 instead of its market value of R350 000. This is proof that obedience to God’s word is the only way to true enduring blessings.


Growing up with a soil eating addiction was not what she had anticipated. Since the age of 7 Pertunia who is now 23 years old had adjusted her life to living with this addiction, something she was compelled by circumstances to do since she had no power to stop on her own. With time the problem only grew worse. Her days were filled with misery as her uncontrollable cravings would force her to eat this soil for upto 20 times per day. She would either buy it countless times for 2 rand at a time or when short of cash simple pick up her favorite; red soil from the ground. Subsequently this resulted in a multiple medical conditions which included blocked tubes, stomach problems and spinal cord problems but this was soon to vanish away like the morning mist the moment she set foot into the arena of liberty. Setting foot into the arena of liberty Pertunia came to collect her long awaited deliverance. Now she is living an addiction free life. 16 years of painful addiction vanished in a second spent with Jesus. Praise the Lord.


 Where human strength and intellect has been exhausted God steps in with his infinite ability. Suffering from an addiction of eating paper for 5years Ruth Lekaba would consume at least two 42 page exercise books a day spending at least R48 at a time, an addiction that would literally prove to be costly. Over these horrific 5 years she would spend R73 000, money that could have gone to better use. Indeed the devil comes to kill, steal and to destroy. It would take her at least an hour to finish consuming one exercise book and when the craving grips her she would become very miserable and out of desperation, she would end up eating her church sermon notes. She would wake up at night and secretly eat paper. Eventually she lost her appetite for real food, became physically redundant and had low self-esteem. She became anaemic and lost a lot of weight. She went to many different places realizing the urgent need of her freedom but there was no solution… no solution until she set foot in the church. This decision to run to God would once again prove that God is able to perform his word to the dot and fulfill to his promise to liberate and deliver those who look and call upon him. After her encounter with Jehovah El-shaddai through the servants of God she was delivered, healed and restored. Praise the Lord now she has 0 % cravings for paper and her money can go to better use.


As her mother had related the story of her daughter, Thembi says that she would at the tender age of 2 dig deep to get a taste of the sofa sponge. An addiction that started at the tender age of 2 Thembi would oft get punished for her cravings, her mother not realizing that her problem was spiritual and needed a spiritual remedy. She would make a meal of all the sponge she could get her hands on, from teddy bears, to couches, to mattresses. This addiction soon affected her appetite since she couldn’t enjoy normal food that normal people enjoyed. This resulted in constipation and when she brushed her teeth in the morning she would vomit some of the sponge. One cannot meet Jesus Christ and remain the same. After an encounter withJesus Christ, Thembi is truly free indeed and can now enjoy and live a normal life that a 20 year old ought to.

MBALI MOGEMISA – ADDICTED TO EATING Sunlight green bar soap, Kiwi black polish and Wax crayons.

 The horrors of a concerned Aunt, Julia Papane brought her 11 year old niece Mbali Mogemisa to the Thursday Healing, Breakthrough and Deliverance Prayerline service believing that her only solution is in Jesus Christ. For 5 years since the age of 6 Mbali had been eating green bar soap, kiwi black polish and wax crayons, something which had affected her emotionally as well as physically. Aunt Julia was equally amazed by these developments as any reader would be and she could not understand the nature of this addiction or why it had to happen to her niece. This meant that Mbali was not a normal child an easy target for ridicule by her peers. Mbali was taken to hospital for assessment by her Aunt, only to discover after assessment that there was nothing medically wrong with her. Mbali came to the arena of liberty, and as they say ‘the rest is history’ she is free, she is delivered and she is restored. She can now live a normal life just like any child her age. Let me ask you this, is there anything too hard for God?