The Range

A wide variety of clothing to suit any occasson, whether its business or pleasure you’re looking for, the Cathy Ru clothing line has it all.


‘Ladies the writing is on the wall!’

As our third issue of ECOAN magazine hits the new stands, we are pleased to announce out new addition to the ECOAN magazine family. Our latest arrival…

The Cathy Ru Clothing Line

Cathy Ru CLOTHING LINE made an entrance into the fashion world 2 years ago. Cathy Ru’s love and passion for clothing inspired her to start this clothing line which is a symbolism of inner power, independence and freedom for an entire generation of women. This is an eccentric fashion line with versatility, ranging from casual to corporate wear, evening, formal and traditional wear. catering for casual taste and style as well as age, size and all body type is our specialty which separates us from any other brand…why…because ‘How you look matters’. If you are the type of a woman who would want to feel both confident and beautiful at the same time you need to look good to feel good and that is what our line is all about. Cathy Ru Clothing…Better, Best, Excellent.

To order any of our garments, contact:

Office line 011 029 7781
Cell 081 806 8716